3 Easy steps to get cash now using your car!

You Must Be a Current U.S. Resident to Apply


Apply in Under a Minute

Use our simple and secure online form to apply for your auto title loan. Since a loan will be based on the value of your vehicle, don’t worry about previous credit problems or credit history!


Get Approved

Loans are based on the value of your vehicle. GreenAutoFinance works with direct lenders nationwide to offer title loans at low interest rates regardless of credit history and employment status.


Receive Your Funds Now

Once you are approved for your loan, you will receive the funds in as soon as one hour of your request. Have your funds directly deposited into your bank account to maximize the ease of getting funds now!

Green Auto Finance is located centrally in Los Angeles, California and we take pride in helping our customers. We are available to assist in making clear, financial decisions while offering the following services:

Title Loans: This is a way to get fast cash for urgent or emergency situations. The funds are secured by the value of the vehicle and most importantly, borrowers can keep their vehicles to go to work or for transportation as they pay back their loans.
Pawn Loans: Car pawn loans differ from a Car Title Loan because with a car pawn loan, we keep the vehicle in a safe and secure location while the loan is being repaid. This type of loan is suited for individuals with secondary vehicles that are not needed on a regular basis. Secondary vehicles could include classic cars, motorcycles, or RVs. In most cases, there is no prepayment penalty if you decide to pay off your loan in full before the end of your repayment terms.

Getting Approved for an Auto Loan - Made Simple!

Auto Title Loans are a faster way of borrowing monetary funds and it is possible to have funds in your hands as soon as the next business day. You can use your funds for whatever you need! Good credit, bad credit or no credit, there are multiple payment options for repaying your loan.

Green Auto Finance

Southern California’s Choice for Car Title Loans

Did you know that nearly 87 percent of our customers report using our loans because of an unexpected expense?

If you have a car and need funds now, Green Auto Finance can help you. Borrow against your car in an easy to follow form and have the funds you need as soon as one hour.

All cars are welcome! Whether your car is brand new or over 10 years old, a car title loan allows you to borrow against it. You keep your keys, drive your car and get the funds you need.

Use the funds you receive for what YOU need it for. No need to tell us.

  • You need emergency funds
  • A medical or veterinary bill comes up
  • Bills like your utility, phone, water and cable bills are piling up
  • Unexpected home repairs or expenses
  • You need a bail-me-out or get-out-of-jail fee
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